Academic Solutions

Academic Solutions

Every parent wants their child to have secure and a successful career. But the first step towards such a goal is to choose the right stream for your child at the very beginning itself. Such are the questions that arise in the minds of parents – Which school to put their children into? Is this stream right for my child? Will my child enjoy this school? Etc. VBT360 provides the best academic solutions every parent needs for their child that will guarantee the best future for their children.


Career Stream

Know if you should be pursuing Arts, Commerce, Maths or Biology as per your innate.

Graduation and Post graduation

Know the roadmap for College, Vocation and Occupation.

Optimized Learning Styles

Know your learning styles through advanced scientific SRW (Site-Recite-Write) sequence & thought pattern balance.

Deepti Arora and her team at VBT360 are certified academic counsellors who have in-depth knowledge of today’s educational world and can guide each and every student towards a successful career. With many career opportunities opening up in this century, choosing the best school and learning pattern for your children is very important, and academic counsellors are there to solve all your questions regarding your children’s future!

Good academics and proper education are the initial steps to having an effective profession. It holds incredible significance in any student’s life and is certainly a factor that gauges your learning capacities while helping you make sense of which field you might want to seek ahead as your profession.


Academic counsellors are persons who are tasked to help students to make the right decisions in achieving their educational and career goals. They are skilled and trained to mentor students from various educational backgrounds. Their work mainly involves informing the students about the various career options which they have and guide them according to their career based on their interest. Academic counselling can be done individually or in a group based on the requirement. Nowadays students face many difficulties in choosing the right academic path due to the many options available, so choosing a well experienced academic counsellor is the right decision in making a successful career.

Not just career opportunities but various school boards are also now an option available to parents to choose from. Parents want their children to learn from the best school board but is that school board they feel best the right one for their children? Academic counsellors are here to answer this question as well! Academic counsellors at VBT360 will give you an in-depth analysis of your child’s abilities and can tell you which school board is right, which learning pattern suits your child best, what career can your child succeed in, etc.


1. Picking a board (IB, ICSE, CBSE, SSC) whose difficulty level is perfect with your kid.

2. Which stream (Science, Arts, Commerce) CAN he/she truly do. And this is derived not from parents or anyone else’s expectations or thoughts and contemplations however just because the individual has the abilities to thrive and based on the report, it will undoubtedly check out. Which learning method is most suitable for him/ her to gain clarity on several concepts across diverse subjects.

3. Is he/she a kinaesthetic learner or auditory or visual? During a revision or for exam preparation which method is most helpful for him/ her? Making notes is kinaesthetic learning meanwhile trying to learn it by heart is done by an auditory learner and highlighting the text in different colours, this is visual learning. A lot of students try out different methods during exams, this causes so much wastage of time and little output. 4. Some students need one-on-one tuitions while a lot do okay in a batch setting. Some may be able to learn theory quickly but, some may need to perform a practical to grasp the concept. The analysis also helps to see how much grasping power, and concentration span the individual has. Personalized solutions to increase both efficiencies can be discussed. Based on factors that interfere with your education, a good seating position is advised so the individual can perform at his/ her maximum level.



DMIT analyses the innate personality and traits of human beings and finds out the best possible life they can live. At a young age too, which school to take admission in, which board to choose is absolutely necessary as the children are groomed in a way by the choices you make for them. So, making the right choice for their successful future is in your hands. DMIT is the right platform to perfectly shape the future of your child. Get to know what he is best at and groom him to make him the best in that field. DMIT can surely give you the best academic solutions for your child. Academic counsellors at VBT360 can guide you perfectly to secure a perfect future for your child.