Health Solutions


The brain is the focal controller of our body and regulates all the other organs and processes. While DNA and genetics or behavioural observations do tell us traits for which diseases have been passed on and whether they are dormant or active.
In any case, we might be inclined to different diseases only in light of the sort of people we are. This might have something to do with our habits, or simply our characteristics. And that is okay; it is quite a normal thing. The analysis can assist you with comprehension on the off chance that you are prone to dental issues, obesity, anxiety, hypertension, diabetes and cancer to a degree. In women, it gives an unmistakable examination of menstrual challenges, for example, sporadic cycles. And among men, all issues with the prostate organ are identified. The good news is, compelling arrangements are given to avoid these however much as could reasonably be expected.


Career Stream

Know if you should be pursuing Arts, Commerce, Maths or Biology as per your innate.

Graduation and Post graduation

Know the roadmap for College, Vocation and Occupation.

Optimized Learning Styles

Know your learning styles through advanced scientific SRW (Site-Recite-Write) sequence & thought pattern balance.


Health issues are growing rapidly in the world and the main cause for this is the lifestyle that is followed by the people. The more convenience they get, the more they neglect their health and physical activity.

Many health conditions as stated earlier are hereditary which means that there is a good chance of that health issue passing on to your kin. But they can be avoided or at least reduced significantly by proactive measures. DMIT can help you identify what diseases are you likely to face in the future by examining your current lifestyle and career you are in. It also provides certain measures that one must follow to reduce the severity of the disease when it strikes or when you already have contracted it.


Be it diabetes, stress, blood pressure, or any other chronic disease, you can tackle these common life-threatening issues if you take certain measures proactively through DMIT.

Living a healthy life is of utmost importance and nobody wants to be bedridden at an earlier age than expected. DMIT is the one-stop solution to all your health issues and can help you lead a healthy and happy life.