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PARENTING – A WALK ON A CAKE OR A DREADFUL TASK? Parenting is the most satisfying and fulfilling job, isn’t that right? Needless to say, it can also be difficult and time-consuming as parents must tend to an infant or child’s daily needs. They are also responsible for helping each of their children develop essential life skills from an early age. Essential life skills that need to be inculcated in their early childhood include daily interaction skills, interpersonal skills, and socially acceptable behaviours. Parents who have more than one child have to have equal and undivided accountability for their respective child’s personalities, as well.
WHAT IS PARENTAL COUNSELLING? Plenty of variables impact a child’s psychological or physical development. Among the numerous factors is the parenting style. We live in a continually progressive and dynamic world. With social media, as the biggest and the easiest platform to share your contemplations, it can be easily accessed by anyone from any corner of the world.


Career Stream

Know if you should be pursuing Arts, Commerce, Maths or Biology as per your innate.

Graduation and Post graduation

Know the roadmap for College, Vocation and Occupation.

Optimized Learning Styles

Know your learning styles through advanced scientific SRW (Site-Recite-Write) sequence & thought pattern balance.


Parent coaching, to raise their little ones in today’s world is the need of the hour. In this fast-paced life, parents can often lose sight of what’s actually triggering their child’s problems. A parent’s influence can be limited on a child. External factors and peer pressure can be two significant dominating factors. Parental counselling will help the parent identify their child’s needs and come up with a cohesive parenting pattern benefiting them as well as the children.
HOW PARENTING ISSUES CAN BE RESOLVED THROUGH PROPER PARENTAL COUNSELLING? As parents, you try to nurture, protect, and guide your children through each phase of their lives. But, it’s not always a smooth and easy way. As they grow and develop, there are times when your kids display undesirable or unexplainable behaviour—and you don’t always know how to help them when they struggle. Therefore, consider parental counselling for different stages of child development SHAPE YOUR CHILD’S FUTURE THROUGH DMIT DMIT can find out the innate personality and potential your child carries. You can get to know what career is best suitable for your child and how should he study so that he can perform better than currently in his academics. This can help you groom your child in a way that is best for him/her and make your child succeed in life. Children can be mischievous as they are immature. But childhood is the age they learn the most and they must be taught how to behave at that age itself so that they can inculcate such behaviour in the long run. Find out what style can help your child learn behaviour in the best way possible as per his innate personality. You want to be seen as super parents in your child’s views and for that, you must have a specific style of parenting. When to be strict, when to be a bit lenient depends on case to case but you can change your style as per your personality and can groom your child accordingly. Find out what style of parenting suits you best!


1. BABIES & TODDLERS Babies behave as they do to get their needs. For example, when they cry they’re trying to tell you that they need something – maybe they’re hungry or feel tired. They are trying to express their likes and dislikes in the only way they can. When you’re stressed you may feel your baby is being tried to provoke you. Remember you should never shout or hit a baby. All toddlers test limits and research show that a child’s brain is still developing during this period so there are limits to how much they’re able to control their emotions. Remember that the behaviour in young children that is often seen as naughty is really a part of becoming normal and growing up.
2. SCHOOL-AGE & TEENAGERS School-age children are always learning and exploring their world. They may have many questions as they start to form their own views on issues. As they move towards being more independent they may appear to push limits and become more challenging, an essential part of growing up. As children started to build up their own identities in their teenage years, they may become more challenging – sometimes seeming “moody” or not as talkative and open as their parents would like. They may be more inclined to disagree with their parents or to choose different views. Friends (and celebrities) can be a big influence and your child may not always be what you want them to be.
So far, we have seen there is a more proportion of misunderstanding between the parents and their kids. Many times it has been seen there is a lack of communication or the incorrect method of communication followed. DMIT test is a good opportunity for the parents to understand the behaviour of their child in a scientific manner. The parents would come to know what is the best way to interact with their kids. This test will not just help to make bonding between parents and a kid but as well it will help to yield a positive result from the relation. Be it your career or your compatibility along with your spouse, the DMIT test is a marvellous methodology even to adults.