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We help your kids for the Selection of appropriate school boards like SSC / ICSE / CBSE / IB, etc. Also understand interpersonal behaviour, character traits of the child and learn about their inborn skills and talents and motivate children for the correct hobbies and activities based on their innate skills as well as we help you to know exact learning style and methods of your child and it will help to build a confident and healthy self-image from early days. Basically, VBT360 is able to identify the “Race” for which the child is born.


Our highly experienced career counsellors can help you to select an education stream, Occupational guidance, and boost self-confidence that’s right for you by developing a manageable career plan to help you move forward. To understand natural strengths, we guide you through the process of discovering a career that fits your personality, interests, skills, and abilities. Optimized your learning based on advanced scientific SRW sequence & thought pattern balance.


We help organizations to optimize the complete spectrum of human resources processes, from choosing the best candidate to fill up a position, towards identifying leadership quality of an employee, select a compatible member for a task, identifying correct departments for trainees and we help you to identify if an employee is a Team Player or Solo Star. Also, we help you to better employee selection compared to Aptitude Tests. It is helpful for managers as well for better input handling, preferred communication styles and increased productivity techniques.


After the validation of NEP profiles, IIPDA certified experts analyse them by running it through Big data servers containing millions of researched prints and the report is generated through BRAINBOW user interface. (A data mining protocol deletes even encrypted prints, after report generation). After that the consultant analyses and interprets the report for discussion.


We help you with how to maintain Work Life Balance and provide you with Occupational Guidance which will boost self-confidence and help you understand your character traits to perform. We help you to know the exact input style and methods your brain needs. We help to build a confident and healthy self-image and identify areas of stress to help manage the stress.

Homemakers and Retired Seniors 

“It’s never too late”. For anything really. The analysis is particularly so favourable for homemakers or women hoping to restart their vocation. Set foot into the right path! Nothing boosts confidence like a good career! Work passionately even after retirement. Learn how to be more adaptive to changing times.


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